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Renew your wooden floors in Norwood

                                                       The entrance arch to West Norwood cemetery is a fitting memorial to the architect who lies within...

Natural wooden floors may form part of an elaborate building or the humblest dwelling.  They deserve the respect and treatment worthy of their status. Marks and wear are inevitable - but accepting them is not.

The solution is at hand:

wood floor repair and restoration from

                                                                 The Norwood Floor Sanding Masters!

Allow us to assess your floors

so as to give you the best advice:

for any type -

hardwood boards or parquet blocks

at any level of condition - and any age;

  and bring them back to their original beauty.

We provide the complete restoration service:

repositioning loose boards or blocks

repairing and replacing damaged timber.

filling in gaps for an even look if required.  

sanding away old paint or sealant.

staining the bare wood for a change of colour.

Fed up with brown?  A fresh, bright look can transform the feel of your property.  

applying renewed protection with natural oil, hard wax oil or lacquer.

All our sealants are completely safe for use in the home - around pets and children.


With... no worries about disruption and dust...

Our efficient cylinder machines ensure 99% dustfree sanding

  • with dust collection from outside each room.

And we’ll clear items of furniture -

           and dispose of bulky carpets and floor coverings.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Allow us to create a new floor worthy of your business or public building.  We’ve restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years..

in shops, offices, schools, libraries, galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Any inconvenience or time lost to your business can also be minimal...

     We can work flexibly for you at weekends or even overnight.

Only the best:

  By using only premium floor products, our staff will create a longer-lasting floor that will retain its looks.

  And result in a superb long-term investment.

After-care advice:

Keep your floor in prime condition for longer - with our advice on the aftercare your new floor requires.

    So why put off the pleasure of your new floor..?

Ask us for your FREE assessment today

                                                                                           The Norwood Floor Sanding Specialists 


Sir William Tite (1798-1873) was an architect who introduced Gothic features into such popular Victorian projects as railways and cemeteries.

Most famous for designing the Royal Exchange of 1844, he was also responsible for stations such as Carlisle, Carnforth and Vauxhall.

A well-respected man, he was President of RIBA and also MP for Bath from 1855 until his death.

 He is commemorated in Tite St near the Chelsea Embankment.

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With over 27  years of sanding knowledge,
we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden
floors always get the best  restoration service there is.
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assistance available 24/7

 020 3151 1140

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